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The Ridge is a leader in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of adults, adolescents and children.

The Ridge is committed to providing quality behavioral healthcare services to our community.

The Ridge Children's Unit offers specialized treatment to children ages 5-11 who are experiencing severe emotional or behavioral problems.

Our newly expanded, state of the art, Integrity Geriatric Unit offer specialized treatment for Older Adults who are experiencing severe emotional or behavioral problems.

The Ridge Recovery Center offers detoxification, stabilization and inpatient stabilization for adults struggling with chemical dependency or co-occurring disorders.

Adolescent Psychiatric Services

Adolescent Psychiatric Services

Adolescent Inpatient DBT Based Program

The Ridge now utilizes elements of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for its inpatient adolescent males and females.

The most important goal of The Ridge’s DBT based adolescent program is its focus on helping patients create lives worth living. This program gives patients the opportunity to achieve those lives. The Ridge’s program does this by helping adolescents learn techniques that:

Move them from being out of control of one’s behavior to being in control.
Move them from being emotionally shut down to experiencing emotions fully.
Helps them work on building an ordinary life and solving ordinary life problems.
Moves them from incompleteness to completeness/connection.

Who Benefits from this approach:

The Ridge’s DBT principle based program addresses the needs of adolescent patients who are experiencing:

  • depression/suicidal thoughts
  • urges to commit suicide/suicide attempts
  • borderline personality disorder
  • eating disorders
  • mood disorders
  • substance abuse issues
  • anger management issues
  • anxiety disorders
  • panic disorders
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • bipolar disorder

The intensive treatment program first promotes stabilization and then focuses on enhancing thinking and behavioral skill sets. Strategies used include skills groups, individual, group, and family therapy. Adolescents in the program will attend school at The Ridge during the year with certified teachers of the Fayette County School System.

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