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The Ridge is a leader in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of adults, adolescents and children.

The Ridge is committed to providing quality behavioral healthcare services to our community.

The Ridge Children's Unit offers specialized treatment to children ages 5-11 who are experiencing severe emotional or behavioral problems.

Our newly expanded, state of the art, Integrity Geriatric Unit offer specialized treatment for Older Adults who are experiencing severe emotional or behavioral problems.

The Ridge Recovery Center offers detoxification, stabilization and inpatient stabilization for adults struggling with chemical dependency or co-occurring disorders.

Adolescent Early Intervention Program

Adolescent Early Intervention Program

The Ridge Outpatient Center will deliver an Early-Intervention phase of treatment for adolescents presenting with problems related to substance use. This program will target the population that lacks prior treatment attempts and may not meet criteria for higher levels of care. The goal of this program is to intervene with youth before drug and alcohol use interferes with more areas of their functioning. At the completion of the four group sessions, a discharge evaluation will be completed by the therapist. If this program does not satisfy a patient’s level of care need, a referral will then be made to the level of care correlating with the symptoms identified during this phase of treatment.

The program will consist of:

*Intake Screening to Determine Eligibility

*Four 1-Hour Group Sessions (2 Education and 2 Process)

  • Twice weekly sessions. (Mon. 4:30-5:30 and Thur. 4:30-5:30)
  • $15 per session cost to be paid prior to attending group.

*Urine Drug Screen

  • Twice during the program.

*Psychiatric Evaluation by Psychiatric APRN (As Needed)

*Groups Integrated with CD-IOP Population


  • Transportation will not be available for this program at this time.
  • The patient’s insurance or medical card will be charged for the 2 drug screens.
  • The patient’s insurance or medical card will be charged for a psychiatric evaluation if indicated.
  • Payment for care must be rendered at the time of visit to attend.
  • Failure to attend all 4 visits consecutively (without therapist-approved excuse) will result in contact to referral and assessment of level-of-care needed.
  • The ages for the EIP program are 13-17, or 18 if youth is still in High School.

To make a referral to The Ridge Early Intervention Program, simply call 859.269.2325 and ask for the Assessment Department